4 Unit Solar VIP
Our 4 Unit Solar VIP Restrooms are designed to operate as fully, self-contained units without requirements for electrical or water hookups. The VIP restrooms are constructed out of high-density polyethylene. Restrooms feature flushing toilet a sink and mirror.
Each Unit:
Exterior Height
91 inches
Interior Height 
79 inches
48 inches
43.5 inches
600 lbs.
Waste Water Tank
65 gallons
Fresh Water Tank
40 gallons
Door Opening
72" x 24"
Average # of uses
Incandescent Lighting
10x13" Oval Sink
Fresh Water Flush
Switchmat Activation
Self-Closing Faucet
Built-In Trash Receptacle
In Use Light
Weather-Proof Carpet
Durable Plastic Skids
Solar Powered